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I have been signed up to Ebay since 99. I sold tons of stuff with NO non paying bidders. Now that you cannot leave neg. fdbk for buyers I have had a flood of ass hole buyers that don’t give a shit about ruining your auction, not paying, not communicating. Then you have to go through the bullshit of cancelling,(I have never had a second chance offer workout! They are already bidding on another item by the time you realize you have an ass hole bidder) trying to get your final value fee back, relisting and starting all over again! They get to do this THREE TIMES before Ebay does anything about it! Ebay thinks this is better, show me how it has helped me ebay?


User Submission: 21 day hold on funds from ebay sale at PAYPAL

eBay put a hold on $2400.00 + because I had not sold anything in the last 90 days. Said I had to ship to buyer and wait for money. Fuck you eBay. I have been on PayPal for 12 years, 1000’s of dollars over the years, same with eBay.. I canceled the Paypal payment to me, refunded the money to the buyer. He is going to pay me directly and eBay and Paypal will never see me or any of my money again.  


User Submission

My ebay account got hacked.  All the person did was change the email address tied to the account.  They didn’t touch the password, and there were two hours before I saw the notification.  I changed the email back to one of mine, and changed the password, as well as fully scanned my computer.  Later that day, ebay suspends my account.  The message they sent me mentioned that I have two accounts, when I don’t, but did not tell me the name of the second account, which is apparently restricted.  When I called them about it, the guy puts me on hold for 10 minutes, then gives me some BS about how they won’t remove the suspension because they didn’t like some information I entered when I created the account at least 4 years ago.  If they had such a big problem with my real, legitimate information that hasn’t failed me yet over all the years I’ve been using ebay, they should have told me earlier.  I smell a big, steaming pile of shit.


User Submission: eBay seller Pentagongps sends undeliverable parcels!

I bought an item from eBay seller Pentagongps for almost double its price on Amazon, because this seller was the only one willing to ship to my country. Neither Amazon nor the other online stores selling this item would ship to my country, so I decided to go ahead and overpay because I really wanted this item. On top of everything, I payed over $60 for shipping, which is also very expensive, but as I said, I really wanted this item. 

One month later, I checked the tracking number on FedEx’s website and was informed that the package is clearing customs. OK, I thought, very soon I will get my item. Weeks pass. I decided to call FedEx to find out what’s taking so long, and they reply that the seller did not provide them with my phone number and so they could not deliver the package! 

OK, now I can go into a very long tirade about the incompetency of FedEx, asking why did they need a phone number if they had the address, etc. But this story is about the eBay seller, Pentagongps. 

Anyway, it turns out that because the seller, pentagongps, did not write my phone number on the shipping label, the parcel incurred a $120 “storage fee”. Why? because FedEx had no way of contacting me without a phone number. Why? because the seller, pentagongps, did not know that shipping an international package requires a phone number.

Four months later, the parcel is still at a FedEx facility, because no one wants to pay the storage fee. So I got tired of waiting and arguing with FedEx and the seller about the fact that it is in no way my fault that the package was undeliverable, so why should I pay the storage fee, so I gave FedEx the instruction to return the parcel to seller. They told me that if the seller agrees to accept the parcel back, he would first have to pay both the storage fee and the customs tax on the parcel, which all together came to $160. 

I was sure that the seller would decline - he already got my money, and what’s more, so much time has passed that the case is closed and no dispute can be opened. It’s been 4 months since the item was payed for and shipped.  Then I found out that the seller, pentagongps, has agreed to pay the $160 and had the parcel returned to him. I have not received a refund. 

In effect, the seller who goes by the name pentagongps on eBay shipped an undeliverable parcel for which he collected almost twice as much as it would cost to buy the item from someone else, and then took it back to resell again, without having issued a refund to the buyer whom he cheated out of a fairly hefty sum of $220. 


User Submission: Pay Pal refunds all my payments and says I didn’t claim them

I hadn’t sold on ebay in 4 years since they last shut me down because a cancelled bid by me produced a lying complaint. Ebay restored my site after finding out the guy was lying but I still lost all the bids. I never learn because I started selling again and when the pay pal account continued to say refund after I claimed the money I got worried and asked pay pal about it after 2 days of contacting them 17 times. They told me that it will stay that way for 30 days and all will be well. So what happened after 30 days. All the sales money goes back to the purchasers who have the goods and have given me raving positive revues. Everyone now has the goods and their money back. So I contact the people at pay pal and they say to ask the people to pay me again. I already have done that because it took 2 days for pay pal to contact me. They said that there was nothing they could do. Naturally everyone when’t right ahead and paid me from Australia, Portugal, Germany and South Korea, Bullshit no one paid. Fuck you ebay and double fuck you pay pal. I have learned my lesson this time. I hope you burn in hell you thieving bastards.


User Submission: nigerian fools

basically twice i listed my phone htc one x and twice i had fake bidder trying to get me to send the phone to them with them sending me fake emails verifying that funds had been paid i know how to spot scammers but the same guy or his freind tried it again i am so annoyed and when i rung up ebay all i got was wait four days to be able to relist and the most annoying part?…asking me to wait 7 days to get my final value fee back !!! how can they not relist an item or allow the second highest bidder to get my phone when they have concrete proof of a scammer i dont know they just plain stupid ebay !!


User Submission: PayPal - Ebay Connection

I have almost completely stopped using Ebay because they want to force everyone to pay using PayPal.  They make additional money doing this.  They inform listers that they must sell through PayPal as it is safer.  I absolutely do not want to pay with PayPal and always send a certified check to seller immediatelly.  My feedback will verify this.  However this has become more of a hastle.  Down with Ebay stock! 


User Submission: Being a new seller on ebay a nightmare

I thought I could make money selling on ebay.  So far I have lost money.  I discovered the items I listed couldn’t be found.  I did a search for an item as a buyer and my item didn’t show up.  Prized sellers items are shown.  You would think ebay would give a new seller a chance.  After paying postage, ebay fees and pay pal fees I’m a loser.  When I did a search as a buyer I couldn’t find my item.  Hard to sell anything when a buyer isn’t shown your item.  They have their policies so you better have money in the bank to cover your costs.  It has made me physically ill not knowing if my bank account will be overdrawn.  Then I’ll have to pay bank fees.  I’m a disabled person with a very small income.  I’ll be relieved when I no longer have any items for sale and I get a couple dollars of the money being held for god knows how long.


User Submission: hi you are right , it seems paypal seems to go either way , i lost to a seller that did not send me the item

the seller ( some chinese scammer ) sent me a piece of rock , instead of the memory usbs i ordered , i lost the shipping cost  to my house and from my house to the seller and paypal never refunded my funds , i here where you are coming from very much , i was able to get my purchase price back , but my shipping cost me abundle.


User Submission: Ebay the most Fucked -Up company on the face of the earth

If I had my way I will close this company over night, the crimonals as Ebay and PayPal are at work 24hr and rubbing people day in day out. they make me sick even thinking about them. I am sorry I ever learnd about them.

please hepe get the point accross so we can close this fuck-up company.