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USER SUBMISSION: Ebay fucked my wife harder than I ever could have

My wife was helping out with the monthly bills by selling on FLEA BAY. She had started out with small things and worked her way up. She was selling gem stones and simple sterling silver jewelry. She had made to the small big time and bought a diamond. Listed it and sold it to a guy in canada, a property of the crown. The guy that won it, paid for it, and she sent it. About a week later he claimed he got an empty box. PAY/FUCKING/PAL took the money out of her BANK account not from pay pal. we gave them the tracking #’s and did what they asked. Still the money was gone. She had worked her way up to some thing that could really make a difference and was ripped off. Diamond gone, money gone and she wont use FLEA BAY or PAY/FUCKING/PAL. good luck to you if you do. There are two types of people that use FLEA BAY and PAY/FUCKING/PAL those that have been FUCKED hard , and those that are GOING TO BE.

- Joel R.

USER SUBMISSION: eBay demands fees even after they help you get ripped off!!

I swear I will kick the living shit out of the boss of eBay for running a business that cares not a shit about the amount of bent activity going on on that site. They should be investigated in more depth because they certainly aren’t giving a fk!

I have spent the last 3 months trying to sell a video camera only to have winning bidders either attempt to cut a deal or completely go silent after they win. What does eBay do? Sweet FA!!! 

So then I have another go only to be plagued by slimy a-holes again trying to meet them offline to seel the camera for forged cash so again I gnore them but notice that they have several accounts designed to swamp my listing ensuring no one buys it. 

What does eBay  do? NOTHING!!  Oh no correction, they then sent me a bill for £40 even after I have flagged it as unpaid and its clearly showing in my account as unpaid. 

So they are basically complicit with this underhand activity as they make no effort to control it. And if this is the case, how much other fraud is in progress here that is funding gangs, terrorists etc? 

- Andrew C.

USER SUBMISSION: NaziBay Holding funds AGAIN!!!

Yep, the shitbags are at it again. Even though I have been on there for over 2 years with an established account they invent new ways to make business bad and life stressful. Just sold a musical item and low and behold, there’s a hold on it in paypal. I call Paypal and they laugh and say oh no it’s not us it’s ebay that put the hold on it. I call evilbay and get the same mindless moron excuse for customer support as usual. Typical reading off cue cards, run around bullshit.

FUCK YOU  evilbay. I WILL NOT wait 3 weeks to get paid for something I sold. Go to the grocer or whomever and try expecting them to wait 3 weeks for payment. These pricks NEED to be taken down BAD. There’s gotta be a clas action suit there waiting to happen.

- Nick R.


I was on vacation in March, checking my email (thank goodness) when I received 2 notifications from PayPal stating that 2 payments had been made for over $500 from my account. I had never HEARD of those people to whom the payment had been made. Fortunately, the employee at the resort knew the address to which I should send an immediate email to at PayPal stating that there had been no authorized payments. I NEVER got a reply from them and have no idea how they ever authorized such payments. I canceled my PayPal account. My customers don’t want their credit info out on this site.

- Sandy T.

USER SUBMISSION: Ebay just lost a buyer

I’m very frustrated by the fact that I paid ebay for this piece of shit piece and I never received it… I called and I literally waited 40 minutes on the phone to speak to a rep then finally after speaking with that idiot he wanted to transfer my call, Since I know how sneaky they get I asked him to give me the number of the place he was transferring my call too, he was high or something because of the way he was giving me the number. He stuttered alot and then changed the number twice.. (ugh very annoying. In the  end he transferred my call to a voice mail, wtf!! Since I wrote down the number he gave I though it was going to be safe.So I called the number and guess what it whent to paypal.. WTF !! I didn’t use paypal for shit!! Fuck you Ebay never purchasing from you ever again… USeless piece of shit!!

- Christian

USER SUBMISSION: Customer Wasn’t Around to Sign …. so I have to pay??

Shipped something per auction agreement (UPS Ground) The customer got the tracking # from eBay as soon as it was generated. Even knowing it was there he was not able to sign for it and it was sent back to me. Now I have been charged for the shipping of the item back to me as well. Customer asked for a full refund to which I told him no way, I’m not paying for shipping both ways because he didn’t sign for the package that he ordered. He didn’t agree and filed a claim and WON!! I have no paid $20 to ship this assholes stuff around the country because he couldn’t be bothered to sign for the item that he ordered. Tell me how that is right in any way….

- Logan B.

USER SUBMISSION: Sellers are getting screwed, not just buyers.

Another disatisfied seller here. It seems that the number of dishonest BUYERS is on the increase in recent years. They don’t read the listing, yes some of them (1-2%) do lie about not getting the item, then make unreasonable demands.

It seems that *many* people bid, win and then don’t pay. Perhaps they are bidding on two (or more) things at once? Perhaps they don’t have the money? Perhaps it was a spur of the moment thing? I don’t know, but, all I know is that a small percentage of buyers are abusing the system as it is highly biased in their favour.

I have been a member for 10 years, back then, I thought “commit to buy” actually meant something. Not anymore!

Worse, all this comes out of the buyer’s pocket. So don’t just lose the item, I am paying to ship it to someone for free.

It’s very frustrating as a seller. There is a feature to block non paying bidders, etc, which I have enabled. Always use tracking as scummy buyers know when you don’t that they can get away with anything. Even then, a tracking number is no guarantee of anything…

- Les


Sold an Item to Indonesia. I know, You are probably shaking your head right now, glaring at me in disgust cause “I knew better”. Well, YOU are right. Interestingly though, I thought that there was surely no way that I would lose on this deal. The buyer reported that the item was lost, and that he had not received it yet. A week later he reported that it had been received at his local post office. AWESOME!! I thought. Then, he reported that he didn’t get it after all. So, he escalated and he won. I contacted eBay about this and they said “Well, we have to follow the facts,” I said “Great!, the buyer reported that his local post office had received the item.” Then she says “Oh yeah, I see that….but then, he reported that he didn’t get it, so that cancels it out.” “Cancels it out?”, I replied. “Yes”, she said. “Is that like the neighbor’s oak tree is base in fucking freeze tag?”, I replied. Well, needless to say, I lost that battle. I will never sell to Indonesia again. In closing, I submit-Fuck you eBay. Fuck you.

- Jim


Item broken, seller sandbagged, I thought I was following the rules.  The seller wanted fotos of the damage, then it had to go to a different address, then they offered 60% refund.  I demanded full, then they offered 60% again, and repeat, then time ran out and the case was closed!  Lost $480.  Then eBay, after wading through their byzantine customer service system, said there was no way to reopen.  I simply lost the money.  Too bad.  Fucking BASTARDS. 

- Sean H.

USER SUBMISSION: seller is always wrong

I put up an LG phone for auction.  Some lowest common denominator twit runs up the bidding to over a $100, and then refuses to pay.  I report this piece of garbage to ebay.  Then this idiot leaves me negative feedback.  Ebay neither forced the moron to pay up, nor did they delete the negative feedback.  Fuck them all. 

- Sid