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User Submission: Money in Limbo

I recently sold a piece of equipment. The buyer happened to be an acquaintance who worked about 30 minutes from my home. We agreed, after we determined our acquaintance, that I would just bring the item to him for hand delivery. He, unfortunately, found out he could not pay for it through eBay and PayPal without paying the shipping charges. So we agreed he would go ahead and pay it and I would just refund it to him upon delivery. WRONG!!!!! PayPal now has the funds, minus the eBay fee which is based on the total transaction including the shipping charges. I cannot collect my money from PayPal because eBay will not release the funds until they have confirmation of delivery. WHAT THE HELL!!! .??? Have used either one for the last time, after I get my money, of course..


User Submission: FEES! After 10 years I’ve finally had it.

I’ve been buying and selling on eBay for over 10 years now. I’ve had a couple frustrating experience in the past (like in the days when they had NO phone number), but this last experience takes the cake. I listed a family heirloom last week with a reserve price of $2,500. Now this is the most expensive thing I’ve sold on eBay for several years, but I have sold several cars and the most I’ve ever paid in fees was about $180…until today. I just saw my invoice for the one item. $25 fee for “reserve listing” and a $225 “final value fee”! On top of this Paypal charged me $73 just for accepting the $2500 payment through them! That’s $323 for a $2500 item! Completely INSANE!

I called customer service…explained they are going to lose a 10+ year customer unless they do something to compensate me for this madness. They simply said sorry there is nothing they could do and these were “fair” fees. Goodbye eBay and good riddance!


User Submission: Pieces of shit

Don’t use them that’s my advice they are pieces of shit human beings I feel sorry for the children they may raise.

I write and tell every company I can not to trust eBay or paypal with any parts of their business. Paypal acts like its such a great tool for even brick and mortar stores to use. If I see a store have a paypal swipey I tell them that sooner or lanter paypal will steal their money not only from their paypal account but also their buissiness account.

If we all spread the word buissiness will close their paypal options.


User Submission: EBAY SUCKS

When I first started using Ebay things were going along quite well,but after only 12 purchases the cracks started.FIRST:Some of the sellers are not up to snuff,late shipping,shipping UPS witch cost me the extra Brokerage fee witch made the item unattractive to my purchase.SECOND,talking to Ebay or paypal customer service is a joke.So for all my troubles FUCK YOU I will shop somewhere else,and did I say FUCK YOU we are done…………..


User Submission: PayPal’s shady fee practices

Just got off the phone with PayPal’s customer support, asking why the money was taken from my credit card instead of my primary verified bank account. He tells me that PayPal has a “Random Security Check” while I’m making my transaction which automatically changed my primary bank account to the credit card backup—which in turn added a fee of over $25 for using a credit card! They are aware that it was their system that made the swap, but it’s apparently my fault for going ahead with the transaction. Why would I want to use PayPal in the future and risk that happening again? Their “Random Security Check” seems to be an easy way for them to make an extra buck.


User Submission: INSANE ebay fees! OMG! I am done with this BS company

I sold ONE measly item this week and just realized how much I was HOSED for fees.  Between the item, the shipping and paypal crap, OMG!  I have sold everything from $30,000.00 Corvettes to $2 items in the past, but the love affair has taken a stake to the heart.  Screw you ebay and screw paypal too.  Screw your stockholders and screw your policies.  May you choke on my last 20% fees…


User Submission: Just Closed My eBay Account!

I just closed my eBay account for good. I have been both a buyer and a seller on eBay for approximately six years. I have 100% feedback. Yet, today I received an email from eBay threatening to suspend my account because I gave an abusive seller bad feedback. Ebay has made many bad decisions and many changes for the worse over the years I’ve been with them. They’ve blamed me for high shipping charges when the shipping charge didn’t even cover the actual shipping cost. They’ve accused me of selling fake vintage items when my items were totally real. They advised me to open cases against sellers and then accused me of opening too many cases. Ebay’s seller fees are just too high, and thinking about it now, I probably gave some things away after paying the final value fees. So, you win, eBay! I closed my account today! Fuck you, burn in Hell and all the other epithets I can think of! has everything I need to buy, anyway with none of the hassle. After Meg Whitman permanently fucked-up eBay, it’s never been the same, anyway. Have fun in the unemployment line, eBay employees!



I recently bought a watch from an Ebay seller for £600, I never received it so I opened a dispute after the 3 week mandatory wait?

Seller entered bogus tracking number to an address 300 miles away from me and Ebay decided in his favor saying I have had the item because the seller has provided a tracking number, even though not my address!

I have phoned and written to Ebay and Paypal several times explaining the seller is Fraudulent and have got nowhere. They are just not interested.

So basically I have been FUCKED out of £600 by Ebay.

Despite several requests, I still have not had a copy of the tracking receipt from Ebay with the address of where the item was sent!

I do not know who has sold the item to me nor do I have there address!

I have made a FRAUD complaint to my bank manager who will hopefully get the money back as it was bought on their debit card.

I shall never use Ebay again!

It is not a safe place to buy from and there is NO protection for BUYER OR SELLER.

There is no benefit for Ebay to get you a refund as they loose their commission.

It is also a haven for FAKE goods in almost ALL categories of items for sale and again Ebay are making a very healthy profit from this whilst consumers and brand owners loose out.

I feel it is about time they were closed down, they have just got far too big and corrupt! There seems to be no rules for them.

I would advise buying from your High Street stores, where you will actually get the item you pay for!


User Submission: eBay (DSR) Ratings

Even if you have positive feedback and want to work with eBay to sort out your (DSR) detailed seller ratings, eBay will not help you, it does not matter if you have health problems, eBay will abuse your equality & freedom as an eBay member just the same. So basically your up the creek without a paddle folks.


User Submission: Ebay can kiss my ass

I changed my email/paypal address TWO fucking years ago and NEVER had a problem until now. I sold an item and for some reason fucking ebay put my old email on the listing and the buyer sent the money to that account that is no longer open and I can’t access it. Well I called some ebay phone whore who admitted it was ebay’s fault, it was a “glitch” in their system and they do see that I updated my records two years ago and have the current email on file. Well paypal cancelled the payment and sent it back to the seller who tried to pay me again at the correct address. Well no money. The buyer is real cool and patient so I just went ahead and sent them the item and hopefully they will just send me a money order. If not, fuck it at least I did the right thing by this buyer because ebay fucked me hard. Fuck you ebay.